LEA's BOX (Learning Analytics Toolbox) LEA’s BOX is a STREP funded by the European Commission under the 7th framework programme. Learning analytics, educational data mining, formative assessment - all recent buzz words in educational research. In principle, the idea is to find theoretical frameworks, models, procedures, and smart tools to collect, aggregate, analyze, reason on and visualize large scale educational data.

Next-TELL (Next Generation Teaching, Education, and Learning for Life. NEXT-TELL is an Integrated Project (IP) in the ICT challenge of the 7th framework programme of the EC; its main objective is to provide, through research and development, computational and methodological support to teachers and students. Responsiblities include the development of Next-TELL's multi-datasource open learner model, and the support of its use in schools across Europe.


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PhD Research

Learners' Interactions with Independent Open Learner Models (provisional title) Learners make use of open learner models and indicate regularly that they find their information content to be useful. The current research project is investigating purposes for which learners use open learner model information within their learning when it is made available independently from an adaptive educational environment. Identification of learners' goal states and interaction patterns is being investigated in terms of granularity, recency and self-assessment. It is hypothesised that learners will have different information demands of the open learner model at different points during interaction, and that this will vary between learners. Supervisor: Susan Bull

Research Interests

Open learner modelling, computer learner interaction, adaptive systems, intelligent tutoring systems, artificial intelligence in education, visualisation, technology-enhanced learning, and personalisation and user modelling.

Technical Proficiencies

Java, JSP, HTML, CSS, XML, SQL, HTTP, SOAP, JQuery, d3, JavaScript, AJAX, Apache, Tomcat, Derby, MySQL, JDBC, Eclipse, UML, API development, Subversion, Jira, Subversion, Mantis, Redmine, Microsoft Office, PaintShopPro.

Qualifications and Associations