Personal Statement

I have always considered myself as a hardworking person with the dedication to excel in anything I do. I returned to education in 2009 as my thirst for knowledge was not being quenched in the world of business and self-employment. Before starting my degree I thought my interests lay firmly with software engineering, but after a year on that course I decided I wanted to try something which I had no experience of. I felt I needed more of a challenge, so after much deliberation I decided to jump ship and move into Games Technology, which would expose me to areas involving more math, physics and artificial intelligence.

After making the decision to move into Games Technology I never looked back, the course was a real challenge and the work was very interesting. I found myself doing extra curricular activities such as writing small AI programs and testing different approaches to creating artificial systems. It was during this time when I became interested in robotics and I decided that I would push for the oppertunity to do some research with robotics for my final year project. To me, it was a no-brainer as my interests had driven me there, but to fellow students it was seen as a lot of risk at such a critical time in my degree. I was often told that it would either be an academic success or would end in tears and failure. Thankfully I was able to triumph through much adversity and technical problems to earn a first class honours degree from Coventry University.

I have now started a PhD in Automatic Human Behaviour Analysis for Social Robotics here at the University of Birmingham, under the supervision of Dr. Ginevra Castellano, Prof. Christopher Baber and Prof. Christopher Peters. An absolute dream team and a position of which I am very proud and honoured to be part of.

In addition to my Ph.D work I am also a member of the EMOTE team here at the University of Birmingham. Find out more about the EMOTE Project Here

Overview of Technical Skills